About this blog

The concept of a ‘Shteiblech’ is not new in Judaism. In fact, they existed hundreds of years ago in Europe and were a safe haven for the outcast and downtrodden Jew. Throughout Jewish History, Jews have gathered together in Shteiblech to pray and learn Torah. But the Katamon Shteiblech is much more than a place to connect with Heaven; it is also a place to connnect with others and oneself.

The irony is, that even though we returned to Israel after 2000 years of Galut and we live in our own country, we still need a Shteiblech, like they did in Europe. The need for a sense of community and feeling of belonging where you feel welcome and at home, is equally important, even now that we have a state of our own.

Through this weekly blog, I will share my thoughts, reflections and insights on life as an oleh, current affairs and Torah/Judaism.

I guess this blog will be a kind of ‘Shteiblech’- a world of its own.

Please let me know what you think of my posts, by commenting on the post and if you like what you have read, feel free to ‘like’ or ‘share’ on Facebook.

Enjoy reading,

Benjy Singer.

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