10 Halachot for Hadlakat Neyrot – Chanukiyah lighting

16 12 2014

The Annual Chanukah Dilemma

So, firstly check out our new website called IsraelK. I’m in the middle of finishing it- http://www.israelk.org .

Also, make sure to look through our My Shteiblech Chanukah listing to find out what’s happening: https://www.facebook.com/events/743688082385923/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Secondly here is a brief overview of 10 basic halachot for chanukiyah lighting:

1) In Israel we light from shkiyah – 4.43 today.

2) You can light until dawn, as long as people are still walking around.

3) You should preferably use olive oil, but can use candles.

4) Women living by themselves have an obligation to light.

5) Where you light depends on where you sleep that night.

6) It is not the accepted custom to fulfil ones obligation at parties etc.

7) If you live in a block of flats you light by the window if it’s below 20 amot-cubits, so people passing can see them. If your window is above 20 amot, it gets complicated. Some say as long as people in the opposite building can see the lights, you can still light there and say a bracha. Others say, if you window is above 20 amot, you should either light at the entrance to the block downstairs or by the entrance to your flat so at least people in your building can see the lights. Either way, best thing if possible is to light below 20 amot so people passing can see.

8) You can’t benefit from the light from the oil or candles.

9) In a hotel you should light in your room. Unless they insist not.

10) The oil or candles need to light for 30 minutes. Erev Shabbat longer.

Chag Urim Sameach!

Benjy Singer.



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